About Me

I'm a PhD student in the Theory of Computation Group at Columbia University, advised by Rocco Servedio and Xi Chen.

I'm interested in chance, efficiency, complex behavior, and the ways in which analytic thinking can solve everyday problems. I study randomized algorithms, puzzles, market & mechanism design, and graphs. My non-research interests include running, reading, exploring the world and thinking about the way people spend their time.

Things I'm actively thinking about:

  • Space-efficient algorithms for subset sum and list disjointness
  • How adding items to markets changes allocations under different mechanisms
  • Best practices for equity in CS teaching, evaluation, admissions and course enrollment

Here's a quick document with advice on deciding on and applying to grad school in the theory of computer science.

If you'd like to chat about any of these things, or have questions about grad school in (theory of) computer science, shoot me an email at the address below! I'll happily answer if time permits.



  • Nick Arnosti and Tim Randolph. "k-Ticket Lotteries: Lessons From Alaska." 2019.

  conference papers

  • Xi Chen, Tim Randolph, Rocco Servedio, and Tim Sun. "A Lower Bound on Cycle Finding in Sparse Digraphs." SODA 2020.
  • Emilio Di Giacomo, William J. Lenhart, Giuseppe Liotta, Timothy W. Randolph and Alessandra Tappini. "(k,p)-Planarity: A Relaxation of Hybrid Planarity." 2018. WALCOM 2019.

  journal papers

  • Timothy W. Randolph. "Asymptotically Optimal Bounds for (t,2) Broadcast Domination on Finite Grids." Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal 20, 2019.
  • Benjamin F. Drews, Pamela E. Harris, and Timothy W. Randolph. "Optimal (t,r) Broadcasts on the Infinite Grid." Discrete Applied Mathematics 255, 2018.


  • Timothy W. Randolph, advised by William J. Lenhart. "(k,p)-Planar Graphs: A Generalization of Planar Representations for Cluster Graphs." 2018.


  • Peer lectures in CSCI 6261: Advanced Cryptography. Columbia University, 2/5 and 2/11/2020.
  • Guest lecture in CSCI 4236: Computational Complexity. Columbia University, 11/1/2019.
  • Substitute for CSOR 4231: Analysis of Algorithms. Columbia University, 10/24/19.
  • TA for COMS 4231: Analysis of Algorithms. Columbia University, Fall 2019.
  • 2019-2020 Teaching Observation Fellowship.
  • Innovative Teaching Summer Institute (ITSI) Certification.
  • TA for COMS 3261: Computer Science Theory. Columbia University, Summer 2019.
  • TA for COMS 6998-06: Computation and the Brain. Columbia University, Fall 2018.


I'm a PhD coordinator for the Emerging Scholars Program at Columbia University. As the program goes into its thirteenth year, we're working to broaden the diversity of student perspectives in the department and give CS majors at Columbia the tools to reason ethically about Computer Science.

I organize Columbia's annual theory student retreat!


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500 W 120th St
New York, NY 10027
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